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Wilton Open Star Decorating Tips New Assorted Sizes Cake Icing Decoration Tip


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Wilton Open Star Tip

Choose the ones you need from the drop down box or refer to the sku for the tip you will receive

Triple Star 402-2010 Multi-Opening Decorating Tip*

No. 199 402-199
No. 13  402-13
No. 14  402-14
No. 16  402-16
No. 17  402-17
No. 18  402-18
No. 20  402-20
No. 21  402-21
No.22  402-22
No. 32  402-32
No. 363 402-363
No. 2110 (1M) 402-2110*
No. 4B  402-4400*
No. 6B 402-6600*
No. 8B  402-8800**
All tips work with standard bags unless otherwise indicated.
*Fits large coupler.
**Tip does not work with coupler. Use with parchment or uncut bags only.
  • Star techniques and drop flowers; the finely cut teeth create decorations with many ridges;
  • use 6B and 8B with pastry dough too.

If you want to cut your decorating time, Wilton multi-opening tips are a great solution. Each tip creates several uniform decorations simultaneously so you can cover an area of your cake much faster than with a single opening tip.

Professional Decorator quality

Rust proof

Dishwasher safe

Nickel plated brass

Highly Durable